Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Policy

College Confidential is dedicated to delivering accurate and informative articles about college admissions, test prep, post-college career journeys and related areas. All articles are written by experts on each topic and receive meticulous research. We strive to cover subjects that we believe will be helpful to those who are exploring higher education and careers.

Topic Selection

We select topics based on the student education lifecycle and via questions submitted to us from the community, expert input from those in the field and statistics and news that impact our readers.

Source Selection

College Confidential interviews sources based on their standing and expertise. Our editors identify sources via their speaking engagements, referrals, reputation and position in the industry. We do not pay sources for interviews or article contributions, and we make no promise of publicity in exchange for interviews. Our interview subjects agree to speak on the record voluntarily, and have the right to withdraw or change their comments prior to publication.

Dealing With Minors

College Confidential does not publish interviews with minors without permission from their parent or guardian.

Right to Anonymity

In the event that a student, parent, teacher or other source is uncomfortable sharing their story using their real name, College Confidential is willing to protect the subject’s name if the material is relevant to our audience and would be helpful to readers. We commit to disclosing when a subject’s name has been changed and/or we will shield a subject’s name when necessary by simply referring to them as “a school counselor in New York,” etc.We will not, however, allow anonymous sources to say anything derogatory using a shield of anonymity.


In the event that College Confidential shares data or statistics from another source, we commit to linking to the original source and citing that source’s name in our article.

Photo Policy

College Confidential uses images from photo agencies under paid licenses and provides credit to the original source in captions. We also use original photos, drawings and graphics.

Correction Policy

College Confidential takes accuracy very seriously. If a potential issue is brought to our attention, we investigate it immediately, and if corrective action must be taken, we note that in the article.

Right to Reprint

College Confidential maintains a copyright to every article published on our site. Reprinting our articles without attribution is a violation of copyright, but we will consider granting rights to reprint on a case-by-case basis as long as the user receives pre-approval from our editors and the reprinting site links back to our original article and attributes it to College Confidential.

Sponsored Article Policy

In some instances, College Confidential works directly with channel sponsors and publishes articles by contributors from our sponsoring organizations. Sponsors are vetted to ensure that they are accurate, knowledgeable and known as experts in their fields. All sponsored articles are clearly marked as such. Content from sponsoring contributors must be valuable to the reader and may not simply serve as an ad for a service, product or company.

Guest Contributions

Because College Confidential has spent significant time and resources vetting our contributors, we do not currently accept articles from guest contributors.